0WI audio is a French Start-Up founded in 2017.
0WI audio is fully commited to the design of higj quality music streaming systems.
The passion for music is the fuel that drives our whole team.

Jean Beauve dans sa tête
Ineha Costerousse,notre Designer
Philippe, ambassadeur
Philippe Briot en plein pitch







So we created the first musical companion that paced your days.

[Caption id = “attachment_1710” align = “aligncenter” width = “281”]  Model The enclosure, cardboard model [/ caption]

0WI audio creates wireless audio streaming systems, all hand-crafted with the same passion. So that all our audio systems deliver pure and immersive sound.
Thus, each of our products delivers high performance to intuitively connect our users to their emotions.
To do so, 0WI audio resolutely avoids to blindly follow fashion in order to focus on its goal.
We do not consider our systems as simple products, but rather as initiating mates. With his musical friend each one will learn how to connect to ones own emotions.

[Caption id = “attachment_2007” align = “aligncenter” width = “300”]  audio system prototyping The current prototype of the portable standalone audio system [/ caption]

As such, the components used must “fade away” and allow music to communicate freely with the soul of the listener.
All equipment sold by 0WI audio is therefore subject to intensive and rigorous testing. This ensures that they meet all the criteria of safety, consistency, reliability and above all performance to convey the passion of music and its emotional content.
Indeed, by breaking all the rules and ignoring the “commonly accepted dogmas”, 0WI audio flourished where others remained on the roadside.

All the efforts of our team are oriented to ensure that our message “Feel Music Feel Soul” spreads to even more people in the world.

OWI Audio is the first independent, autonomous musicial friend that paces your days.
0WI audio delivers a pure and immersive sound to connect your soul to Music emotions.
Whether you’re listening to music from its built-in hard drive or through streaming services, you’ll enjoy the same quality.
Whatever your use, with its built-in DSP the 0wI audio system delivers a studio-quality sound.