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About Us

We exclusively design Smart audio systems that let you feel music.

histoire de 0WI audio, fabricant du premier compagnon musical, système de streaming audio sans fil autonome.

Our story

Jean and Philippe met while they were students in engineering at the Gramme Institute, Liège, Belgium, 35 years ago. At the time, they were already involved in numerous projects, such as the setting-up of a radio station or the organization of their school’s participation in a bicycle competition for three consecutive years. Both were also great lovers of music. At the time, they had both already built their own Hi-Fi material. They also both graduated from Louvain-la-Neuve University, Belgium. After their studies, they followed different career paths, but their friendship and common passion for music remained intact.

Notre vision chez 0WI audio, fabricant du premier compagnon musical, système de streaming audio sans fil autonome.

Our Vision

Music is essential to human life since the dawn of humanity.
Today it is dematerialized and mobile and, therefore, easily accessible to all.
But while high-end audio systems no longer meet the current lifestyle, nomadic speakers suffer from too poor audio quality to satisfy music lovers.
We conducted a survey to take into account public expectations for an audio system.
It showed that 5 criteria are essential for decision-making: sound quality, ease of use, sound power, design and compactness.
So, after several years of research, we have designed 0WI Go®, the First portable Smart Speaker for Music lover.

Notre mission chez 0WI audio, fabricant du premier compagnon musical, système de streaming audio sans fil autonome.

Our missions

The primary mission of 0WI audio is to produce portable and autonomous, Smart audio systems with incredible best in class audio quality that is able to connect the Music to your soul…
The second mission of 0WI audio is to produce environmentally friendly audio systems with products with very low energy footprint.
As such, we design products with minimal power consumption, we have spent considerable time to reduce the number of components, we have selected them with environmental responsibility criteria (consumption, recycling, short circuit, …) .
We realize that each of our actions involves our responsibility towards present and future generations as we hope that they too will continue to feed their soul with beatifull music.

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